Spa Jet Pumps

the new performance class for the spa area

Koller is always the perfect choice! Compact dimensions lead to space saving installation and usable for the construction of a new whirlpool or retrofitting of an existing system.

This innovative product is, when compared to normal appliances, significantly energy–efficient and has a higher pumping capacity. The Spa Jet Pump is the choice for large spa-systems. Worth mentioning is the pump head, which can be installed in three positions. For residual water drainage, three connections are available. As single-speed and double-speed SPA pump version available.

The single-speed version is usable as a therapy pump due to the high throughput. The double-speed version is usable as a therapy and filter pump, due to two services combined in one motor. The advantages speak for themselves! High efficiency, low operating costs and you can save up to Eur. 1000, - per year, compared to conventional pumps.


The name KOLLER stands for an established family-owned company which has developed dynamically in more than 45 years and is seen as a pioneer in the range of whirlpool technology. The KOLLER International Group consists today next to Whirl Systems, of further following divisions:
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