BIO-Herb Bath Salt

Especially for use in bath tubs

Salts from the Dead Sea, when added to a bath, serve as an exfoliate.
Dead skin cells are removed and blood circulation is improved.

A bath with BIO-Herb Bath Salts opens the pores, allowing them to release pollutants while at the same time absorbing herbal extracts.
The result is a silky-smooth skin as well as a feeling of deep relaxation and wellbeing.

Is not recommended for use in whirlpools and hydro massage baths.

Our BIO-Herb Bath salt is available in 250 g or 1000 g.


The name KOLLER stands for an established family-owned company which have developed dynamically in almost 40 years and is seen as a pioneer in the range of whirlpool technology. The KOLLER International Group consists today next to Whirl Systems, of further following divisions:
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