Cleaner for whirlpool systems

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: Cleaner for whirlpool systems :

The optimal care for KOLLER whirlpools.

This cleaner is specially designed to remove stubborn encrustations, deposits and biofilm. The cleaner must not be filled into the KOLLER disinfection system of the whirlpool. 


The water of the last bath (but without foam bath additive) can also be used for cleaning. Add 100ml (approx. 1/8 liter) to 250-350 liters of water Whirlpool System Cleaner (Order No. 70-102) to the tub. Then turn on the pump (blower and two-way mixer if available) for a few minutes so that the cleaning agent is distributed in the pipes and in the tub.

Then turn off and let the detergent-enriched water soak in the tub. It is recommended to leave the water in the tub for a few hours or overnight. Before emptying the tub, run all aggregates again for approx. 1-2 minutes. However, we still recommend a manual post-cleaning. To do this, rinse the tub with the shower hose and then fill it again with cold water. Now switch all units on and off briefly a few times. Open the drain and leave it in this position until the next use of the tub.

In case of normal use, we recommend this cleaning approx. every 4 weeks or as needed. Cleaning of the pipe system is possible only when the tub is full! 

Dosage: 100ml (approx. 1/8 liter) to 250-350 liters of water. 

Surface Cleaning 

The whirlpool system cleaner can also be used undiluted on a cloth, for cleaning the surface. After such a surface cleaning, the tub must be thoroughly rinsed with the shower hose. Leave the drain in the open position until the next use of the tub.
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