Baby whirlpool

Comfort and relaxation from the very beginning
2 x 5 Soft jets with Vario massage function
Harmonizing color and light effects
7 colors’ light adjustable to permanent color or changeable colors
Integrated storage battery for cordless device

Wellness for your Baby

The Baby SPA Whirlpool is an oasis of well-being providing babies with a completely new world of relaxation. The whirlpool offers a chance to recover and is fun at the same time! Here the pleasant interplay of colors ensures a very special atmosphere during your baby‘s bath. Your child can enjoy the quiet and gain strength through the gentle massage produced by inflowing air. Depending on the application, the bath vitalizes and ensures a peaceful sleep.Water is the most natural surrounding for babies, as it is familiar to them from the womb. The calming bubbles and gentle massage call up familiar feelings in your new-born child, thus initiating deep relaxation. The harmonious light effects create an additional mood of well-being. Bathing in the Baby SPA Whirlpool may calm so-called ‘colic babies’ by soothing abdominal pain.

Product characteristics

  • The 2 x 5 Soft-jets with Vario massage function ensure a pleasant feeling of relaxation.
  • The 7 different color effects merge into each other or may be selected individually to ensure harmony and wellbeing.
  • The integrated operating panel with sensor keys allows you to select the color and massage functions.
  • Thanks to the integrated battery, the BABY SPA Whirlpool also operates as a cordless device and thus provides comfortable and safe application.
  • The convenient resting surface for newborn babies and the sitting area for toddlers are highly comfortable. Here the anti-slip coating ensures the necessary safety when bathing.
  • The integrated bathtub hose permits the easy draining of the whirlpool.
  • The internationally-compatible low voltage adapter (12 V) allows the device to be used worldwide. The BABY SPA bathtub stand made out of high-quality beech wood has been developed especially for the Baby SPA Whirlpool. 
  • Due to its sturdy and functional construction, this stand is extremely stable. The bathtub stand is height-adjustable to 3 different levels for individual adaptation to the parents’ height. 
  • The integrated storage shelf provides sufficient room for towels and care products, thus placing them within easy reach. Thanks to the integrated rollers with a break device, the BABY SPA bathtub stand is mobile. The BABY SPA Whirlpool may be wheeled to any location without having to carry it and allows you to bathe your baby wherever it feels most comfortable.

Baby whirlpool

Comfort and relaxation from the very beginning

BABY SPA Whirlpool bath tub

The bubble- and light bath for your infant.

BABY SPA bathtub stand

Has been developed especially for the Baby SPA Whirlpool

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Baby Whirlpool

Comfort and relaxation from the very beginning
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